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What is The Brandon School?

The Brandon School is a DESE approved education program for boys from elementary through high school. At Brandon, our goal is to create a diverse environment which is safe, respectful, nurturing, tolerant, and positive for all. In our school, we strive to provide the highest quality of educational services while emphasizing personal growth and promoting positive social values. Our educational program promotes active learning, social skills development, and problem solving within a small, highly structured and supportive setting.

Our classrooms have a high staff to student ratio with an education team that includes teachers certified in special education and/or the content areas, teacher assistants, behavior specialists, Title I teachers/tutors, as well as access to speech and language and occupational therapy services. Our Education program meets all state and federal requirements with teachers who are experienced in aligning lessons and units with the MA Curriculum Frameworks as well as the Common Core standards. Our school focuses on the importance of literacy across the curriculum giving students opportunities to develop listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills.

We are proud to maintain high academic standards while individualizing our instruction. All Brandon students participate in MCAS, and administrators, teachers, and support staff are actively engaged in preparing students for success on MCAS throughout the school year. When it comes to educating our community of diverse learners, we are confident that our staff provides the same level of academic rigor found in any public institution.

What is special about Brandon?

In addition to our compliance with state and federal regulations as it relates to education, Brandon is unique in its ability to offer our clients a range of other activities, resources and services throughout the school day and school year. Examples include our sensory integration program, community service and vocational opportunities, individualized instruction targeted to the specific needs of individual students, a summer education component that combines active learning in the classroom with educational opportunities/activities outdoors as well as in the community. In addition to this, our therapeutic program allows students to address social emotional goals with licensed clinicians. Brandon's multidisciplinary team meets weekly to engage in meaningful planning and programming for our students that includes a strong focus on assisting our students in meeting their educational goals.

For students who require 1:1 instruction in reading using a balanced, systematic approach, Brandon has Wilson trained and/or certified instructors who are available to support them. Students utilize Brandon's educational resources including computer technology (computer lab, interactive whiteboards, and Kindles), and hands-on curriculum materials. Our smaller class size and the multi-grade nature of many of our classes enable us to differentiate instruction and provide appropriate support to all students including those who are capable of meeting higher academic expectations.

What learning activities take place in Brandon classrooms?

The following examples are designed by Brandon teachers and are aligned with the MA Curriculum Frameworks and the College and Career Readiness anchor standards in reading and writing. Click here to view curriculum examples.

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