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Since 1966, Brandon has been at the forefront of providing exceptional services to troubled boys and their families. A non-profit school and residential center; Brandon provides stabilization, diagnostic, educational, residential, clinical, day treatment and case management services to over 150 boys and their families annually. Boys referred to Brandon have a range of educational, emotional and behavioral difficulties. As a result of their difficulties, these boys have not been successful in public schools or in their communities. Brandon's individualized approach to treatment planning serves to remedy these problems. Brandon provides the external structure to help boys control their behavior and the treatment necessary to help them understand their feelings and internalize their own behavioral controls. Simultaneously, boys gain academic skills necessary to build self-confidence.

The goal of Brandon's treatment program is to move boys as quickly as possible to a less restrictive school and home setting. Accordingly, the scope of our services extends not only to the boy as an individual, but also to his family. Intensive work with families is designed to successfully reunify and reintegrate boys back into their homes and communities. Brandon places significant emphasis on permanency planning. Each of our programmatic elements prepares boys to succeed alongside peers when they return to their communities.