About the School
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The Brandon campus is located in Natick, less than 30 minutes from Boston and is accessible from public transportation and major highways. Our wooded 35-acre location hosts walking paths, sports fields, gardens and various outdoor education opportunities. Facilities in the newly remodeled special education school include classrooms, full size gymnasium, computer room, conference areas, family spaces and a full-service kitchen that houses our vocational cooking program. On-site medical services include psychiatry, nursing and dentistry. Campus residences consist of three colonial style homes designed specifically to house Brandon's stabilization/diagnostic services and specialty programs. Also on campus is a residential wing with single rooms, designed to accommodate boys needing enhanced structure and supervision.

Off campus are three neighborhood-based houses where Brandon offers treatment in home-like settings. One of our residences provides BTR, transitional group home services and step-down opportunities to adolescent boys, many of whom attend public school.

The exceptional quality and design of Brandon's facilities, combined with our regional accessibility, create an environment conducive to safety, family work, visitation, treatment and education.

Performance & Quality Improvement Statement

At Brandon, quality assurance is a commitment to best practice that derives from a culture that understands that each person plays an important role in the effective delivery of quality treatment. Best practice at Brandon is characterized by family-centric, child-focused, treatment-oriented professionalism, and a mission-driven philosophy that is relationship-based and trauma-informed. The agency recognizes that clearly defined and articulated standards, based on data-driven evidence, are the foundations of effective and sustained quality assurance.

Brandon's Stakeholders are individuals and groups that have a vested interest in the services that we provide. They include Clients (children, adolescents, parents/family members); Consumers/Funding/Referral Organizations/Vendors: Department of Children and Families, Department of Mental Health, Department of Youth Services, Public School Systems; Insurance Companies: Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership, Network Health, Boston Medical Center Healthnet, Blue Cross Blue Shield; Personnel: Brandon staff, contracted consultants (psychologists for testing and specialty program consultation, psychiatrists for client psychopharmacological services); and Governmental Bodies: State Funding and Referral Sources, Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care, Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Massachusetts Department of Fire Services, Massachusetts State Police, and County District Attorneys' Offices. Brandon personnel that are assigned to coordinating PQI responsibilities are staff from our various departments who participate, as needed, through agency forums, reviews, and investigations that monitor or respond to quality-related issues.

Brandon's clients are involved in quality assurance through their input into the Client Satisfaction and Client Outcome surveys upon discharge from Brandon and at 3, 6, and 12 month intervals thereafter. Clients 14 years of age or older and their parents/guardians also attend their case conferences and are encouraged to offer impressions and recommendations regarding the programs here. Parents are also invited to join the Parents' Advisory Council, a body comprised of parents/guardians and Brandon staff that organize quarterly community-wide family events and provide feedback and suggestions regarding program development.