In order to best serve our clients and families, Brandon strives to:

  •  To create a diverse environment, which is safe, respectful, nurturing, supportive, tolerant and positive for all.
  •  To provide the highest quality residential, educational, clinical and case management services.
  •  To emphasize individual growth while promoting positive social attitudes.
  •  To utilize the expertise and talents of all staff and foster professional growth.
  •  To efficiently manage program resources, while holding each other accountable for managing our own responsibilities.
  •  Instill a sense of pride in the Brandon community.

Brandon's primary goal is to provide boys with exceptional therapeutic services that will help them to move as quickly as possible to a less restrictive school and home setting. Accordingly, the scope of our services extends not only to the boy as an individual, but also to his family. In a safe and supportive setting, we provide external structure to help boys control their behavior and the treatment necessary to help them understand their feelings and internalize their own behavioral controls. At school, boys gain academic skills necessary to build self-confidence. Simultaneously, intensive work with families is designed to successfully reunify and reintegrate boys back into their homes and communities. Brandon places significant emphasis on permanency planning. Each of our programmatic elements prepares boys to succeed alongside peers when they return to their communities.