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Intensive residential treatment at Brandon strives to prepare boys for a successful transition back into their families and home community by providing consistent care and a corrective learning experience.

Respite services are for boys who require time out from home, foster care or other place of residence. This program can either provide planned respite or provide a short-term placement during times of situational turmoil.

The Hospital Diversion Program offers an alternative to inpatient hospitalization for a wide range of at-risk boys who are capable of functioning in an unlocked setting. This program provides highly structured and staff-secure services emphasizing accurate diagnosis, treatment planning, stabilization and safety.

Brandon's Diagnostic Assessment Services provide in-depth evaluation of the functioning and needs of boys and their families in a time-limited placement. Length of stay varies from 30 - 90 days depending on the requested level of assessment.

Brandon Residential Treatment Center has been a leader in the development of services for boys involved in dangerous or reckless firesetting behavior. The Rapid Firesetting Assessment Service at Brandon offers the most comprehensive and evidence-based assessment of problem firesetting that is available within a short-term (45-60 day) residential setting.

Brandon Residential Treatment Center has been providing comprehensive and specialized treatment for problematic and dangerous firesetting behavior since 2001. Brandon's Intensive Firesetting Treatment Program offers a fire-safe, staff-secure environment on the Main Campus for boys whose firesetting behaviors are determined to be unmanageable in the community or in a less restrictive placement.

Since 1998, Brandon's Sexualized Behaviors Program has been providing assessment and treatment for boys who have violated the boundaries of others with behaviors of a sexual nature. Boys admitted to the program receive a specialized set of treatment services including intensive individual, group and family psychotherapy.

Brandon's Day School provides a structured learning environment similar to that of a public school but on a much smaller scale. In this supportive and highly structured learning environment, students improve their academic and social skills, develop more appropriate behavioral controls and improve their self-esteem.

Brandon provides short-term, 45-day assessment services as a component of the special education school program. The program is designed to meet the individual needs of the student as determined by the referring school system.

Brandon provides BTR & Transitional Group Home Programs for boys between the ages of 13 and 17. These programs are designed to increase self-reliance and decision-making abilities of residents, while providing ample opportunities for group interaction and shared responsibilities, with the ultimate goal of living independently.

Brandon believes that discharge planning begins at admission and that lengths of stay should be as short as possible. To that end, family work must be as intensive as possible with an emphasis on family reunification.