Teacher's Assistant


1. Be able to evaluate a studentís education and therapeutic goals
2. Serve as in-house substitute for absent teachers
3. Participate in the IEP process as required
4. Serve as a role model for clients at all times
5. Provide corrective/learning experience for the students
6. Set and maintain consistent/constructive limits
7. Plan and participate in assigned activities
Provide support to the residences during 8. transition prior to school each morning

Hourly Wage: $10-$12


1. Bachelor's Degree with a concentration in education preferred, but not required
2. Experience in Group Management of Children 7-17 years old
3. Good communicator and listener
4. Up tempo personality, assertive, outgoing and confident
5. Be able to listen to both sides of a situation and base any decision on a neutral understanding of the facts

Persons with lived personal or family experience encouraged to apply.


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Please Email/Send/Fax Resume to:
Brandon School Recruitment
27 Winter St.
Natick, MA 01760
Email: resume@brandonschool.org
Fax: 508.650.9431