Ongoing Programs in need of SUPPORT:
"Come to Your Senses"

Brandon's "Come to Your Senses" program is the first agency-wide Sensory Integration Program of its kind.

Brandon's goal is to help every student grow better coping skills to manage their emotions and behaviors. Sensory Modulation is another strategy being added to their repertoires. Sensory Modulation is the internal or external 'stimulation' or 'calming' of the senses of smell, touch, sound, to achieve increased attention, diffused tension, inner balance, or other treatment and behavioral goals. All Brandon departments receive ongoing training & consultation on how to help our students use sensory items (balance balls, fidgets, resistance bands, scented canisters, body socks, etc,) to deal with daily stressors.

A donation to Come to Your Senses purchases sensory integration tools & materials that are available to students in the school, residential & clinical settings as well as in out specially-designed Sensory Integration Room.

"Healthy Choices"

"Together We Can Achieve: Healthy Choices" has three components. You can choose for your donation to go the program in general, or earmark it for one of the three areas:


Traditionally, learning takes place in the classroom, but Brandon boys have a particularly hard time learning in traditional settings. It is important that along with educational support, we offer alternatives to traditional learning such as high-interest books to read, interactive learning materials, entertaining and educational periodicals, accessibility to computers and instructive computer games. These resources make "learning" an activity that boys will choose.

"Healthy Choices" will provide updated books and periodicals for learning and pleasure and additional computers and computer programs.


Boys who come to Brandon, like other kids their age, have a great deal of energy and enjoy recreational activities. We feel vocational and physical activities are a great, positive channel for our students' energy. Teachers, therapists, counselors and other staff encourage students to choose physical activity for fun, as well as an outlet for frustration, aggression and anger.

"Healthy Choices" will provide new gym and recreation equipment for students on Brandon's campus.


The beautiful and expansive murals in Brandon's main school building are evidence of the tremendous artistic talents of our students. Framed photographs that hang in the school awe visitors even more when they realize these are the work of Brandon students. Art is a healthy and effective way for so many of our students to explore and express their emotions, often with amazing results.

"Healthy Choices" will provide art supplies and art instruction for our students. Paints, pencils, markers, paper, clay, glue, multi-media items and other supplies will be provided to supplement work done in school, in therapy and in the houses.